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Notice: Dr Betancourt is retiring and closing the practice effective August 20th, 2021

Dear Patients,

I would like to thank you for the trust you have given me over the years as your physician. Taking care of you has been an honor.

I am writing today to inform you that after 30 years of service, I will be closing my practice, due to my retirement, effective August 20,2021. Leigh Raviv the Nurse Practitioner and I will no longer be able to provide you with medical care after that date. Since we will not be able to receive any reports, please do not use our name as your provider for such things as laboratory test, sonograms, or mammograms even if we have given you a referral for these services.

Your wellness and health is a priority for us. It is important that you continue with appropriate medical care. I recommend that you establish care with another physician as soon as possible. Please contact the office if you need assistance in finding another physician. Your records are available at the office. You can pick up a copy of your records at the office prior to August 20, 2021 or copy them from your patient portal. The office will forward your records to a physician in accordance with your written authorization. An authorization form is attached for your convenience.

Please call my office if you would like to pick up a copy of your records prior to the closure onAugust20th,2021. Kindlycompleteandsigntheenclosedmedicalrecordsreleaseform. You may mail or fax the forms to our office.

After the closure of my practice your records will be available at NYU Langone Kips Bay Gynecology on September 1, 2021, at the following address:

NYU Kips Bay Gynecology

419 Park Avenue South, Suite 1305
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212.545.5400 Fax: 212.447.1496

I wish my best to all of you.

Maria I. Betancourt, MD

Maria I. Betancourt MD, PLLC